Data Science: A multi-disciplinary field in which scientific methodology is applied to data analysis in order to find useful insights and promote evidence-based decision making.

Brighton data science meetups

27th April 2018

Author: Trevor Simmons

Over the last few weeks I have been to two data science meetups in the Brighton area, BrightonPy and the Sussex Data Science meetup. Here’s a short rundown of both of them.


Firstly, I went to BrightonPy, the Brighton and Hove Python User Group which was held at Platf9rm where Airfinity’s Senior Data Scientist Ewa Kabzinska gave a talk on Network Analysis in Python. While BrightonPy is focussed on the Python Language and not a strictly a data science meetup, it does cross over into data science territory considering how widely used the language is in data science, and it is always useful to learn more about how other people are using Python. Thanks to Airfinity for providing the pizza and drinks, and Platf9rm for the space. I’m not sure when the next meetup will be, but check their website, Twitter, or Google group for more information.

Sussex Data Science meetup

Last week, I attended the inaugural session of the Sussex Data Science meetup which was held at Jellyfish where Philip Rooney and Peter Hurley of DataJavelin gave a talk on Data Science in Theory and Practice. This was followed by a group discussion which gave everybody the chance to introduce themselves. There was a good turnout for the first meeting with not only data scientists but a diverse range of people from students, people running businesses to those interested in the ethical use of data. I look forward to more, and thanks this time to Jellyfish for the pizza and drinks. The next meetup is planned for 7th June with speakers to be announced.