Data Science: A multi-disciplinary field in which scientific methodology is applied to data analysis in order to find useful insights and promote evidence-based decision making.

About thewiringundertheboard

thewiringundertheboard was incorparated as a limited company in 2002 for the freelance services of myself, Trevor Simmons. Back then I was a full-stack developer working mainly with Content Management Systems.

As my career has progressed so have my skills, and with more and more data being generated worldwide I found myself dealing with increasingly larger amounts.

After working on a project which developed into a data science project. I decided to return to university to study Artifical Intelligence, gaining an MSc (distinction) in Intelligent Systems from the University of Sussex

Since then I have been tranisitoning my business from development into data science. I have the skills to collect, clean, format, and statistically analyse data, as well as the machine learning knowledge to build models along with the development skills to put it all into production. More about my skills and experience can be found on my LinkedIn, with occasional thoughts on my Twitter, and more in depth discussion on my blog.