thewiringundertheboard was incorporated in 2002 for the consultant services of myself, Trevor Simmons. It started out as a web development practise which over the course of my career has evolved into wider software development and data science.

About Data Science

Data science is an emerging multi-disciplinary field, a mixture of domain knowledge, programming, mathematics, statistics, and communication. With cheaper storage and greater computing power there is more data being generated now than ever before, and a field has emerged that is able to make sense of this complexity, to find patterns, to humanise, and to communicate those findings to decision makers.

Data science is about evidence-based decision making, using the same approach and rigour used in scientific research.

About me

As well as my background in software development, I hold an MSc (distinction) in Intelligent Systems from the University of Sussex. More about my skills and experience can be found on my LinkedIn, with occasional thoughts on my Twitter, and more in depth discussion on my blog.